Friday, February 26, 2010

Unfortunate fate of Trust, Faith and Belief...

In daily life most of us unconsciously follow through the Trust, Faith, Belief and ones own Feelings (instincts) in whatever we do. It is often very sad that the same person fails to TRUST his own people at home/family. We unconsciously trust, believe and have faith in the ones at Work Place, Religion, Politics, Social Causes, etc... Sometimes we trust people that we don't know simply based on the qualification or the experience attached to them. But still... we don't want to (or cant) trust our own family members. Very carefully read through the  following stories.
#1 You got a nice car. After it ran for 15,000 miles, you give it to a Car Service shop. It will take one day to get the car back and you get a bill of $350 with a huge inventory that the service guy replaced. You are so happy that you got your car serviced, you pay the bill and drive home thinking that the "Car is in Great Condition now". 
#2 You want to watch the movie Avatar (as an example). You are in two minds to go to it or not and your spouse is asking for it. Your colleague at office or friend tells you that its a great movie. You immediately "DECIDE" to go to the movie. You go home and tell your spouse that "My friend told me its a great movie. Lets go."
#3 You would take a very comfortable ride in the car that your friend is driving without any issue. You wont complain and you wont get tensed. If your wife is driving then all the negative thoughts fill your brain and you start chocking.
#4 You are driving in a single lane divided only by the yellow bar and you see the opposite traffic too. The only thing that's between your car (you) and other car (some stranger)  is the thick yellow lane. You drive so confidently on this road that nothing would happen. (Because you trust - 99% - that the other stranger would not come into your lane and crash on to you). 
#5 You would go to a electronic shop to buy a nice 42" LCD TV. You are unsure what to buy there and a sales guy with all his pep talk impresses you to take a decision on Sony Bravia ABC Model which costs $1500. You wife was suggesting another model in Samsung that costs $1100 and has more features than Sony has. But you want to buy because you were convinced by the sales guy (and not because you love Sony). 
#6 You go to a religious GURU and you would follow whatever he/she says. You would not even think for a moment if that "thing" makes sense. If GURU asks you to go to temple and do 51 rounds around the idol. You would do it with out a question. You would not ask why the number 51 and why this temple. You would JUST do it
By now, it would not have taken too much time to understand that many things life are done on "Blind Faith". The abouve are only few stories. One can arbitrarily come up with so many incidents that you trust other person and you feel happy to sit back and relax. You believe that the other person or entity would do a good job.

Of course there are some (small %) people would be so paranoid that they avoid to do anything in life as they cant trust anyone and it seems to be an impossible task for them. The only thing that these people do is what they are good at. They cant work in a team as they cant trust others. Team work is not only in the Corporate world but many people fail to understand that there need to be so much of TEAM work in the family system.

Unfortunately this TRUST, BELIEF and FAITH does not seem to exist in many of the Familys and among Married Partners. Each of the partner would always want to show the intellectual superiority over the others and they would do so by negating the other spouse's views and ideas. Doesn't it sound familiar ? One would blindly accept the other persons (stranger) views and ideas where as he would not believe spouse or family member. What a shame ?

Are you doing a good job of trusting your partner ? If not, it's time to think about it.

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