Saturday, February 13, 2010

Story 7 : If only they had the power to define ones Luck/Fate/Talent

They are very established lawyers in India. They have a great practice and very well known in that city. Wife and Husband are family and criminal lawyer respectively. Husband has a younger brother and Wife has a younger sister. Incidentally, Wife's sister and Husband's brother both are (budding) Lawyers. Husband's-Brother and Wife's Sister live in the same city, both are married and are struggling for a helping hand in career.

Husband and Wife are very understanding, friendly and considerate. Wife for sure is more communicative than Husband and by nature she takes care of many things at home. Husband has agreed and decided to give a helping hand in his brother's career and asked them to stay along in the same house (of course, in a different independent floor). He was giving his expert opinion, attending some case discussions, and spent some personal time to spend for his brother. His brother did start as an independent law-practitioner and stayed that way for few years. There was no growth though they are still surviving. In the mean while, at home the differences between the Wife and co-sister have increased and small issues seemed to be big.

So, at some point of time, the Husband's brother decided to setup a separate family and practice. This means he will be moving to a separate place and start his own law practice. Some how, he could not be as successful as his brother till now. For all the other people (3rd person), it seemed as though the Wife ans Husband did not help this Husband's-Brother and let him lead his life along with disparity and discrimination.

On the other side, Wife's-Sister setup her own Law-Consulting firm and made the Wife and Husband as consulting partners. This Wife's-Sister has more social skills than the Husband's-Brother and she was able to kick start her career with the help of Wife and Husband. In few years, Wife's-Sister is probably as successful as the Wife and Husband. Currently, as i write, the Wife and Husband go regularly for some of the complicated family cases and advise clients in the Wife's-Sister's firm. The brother is still practicing his own, occasionally with the help of Husband (brother).

Sure, this is complicated. For the Husband's father this all looked as though the Wife did not took care of the Husband's brother and she has more interest in her own sister. In-laws started claiming that she (Wife) took more time, liberty, passion in building her sisters career and did not help in the same way to Husband's-Brother.

Now the question is, "What should one do when Wife's-Sistser is more sociable, communicative and does rights things for her career than Husband's-Brother. Whose mistake is that ?".

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