Saturday, April 17, 2010

Story 12 : Why should i get punished for the things i can't control ?

I live in USA with my beautiful 2 year old girl and my husband. I work as a consultant in IT industry and my husband works as a full time employee. Till now, me, my husband are in good terms and i have no issues to bother.

Times have changed when i became pregnant few months back and i got to know its a baby girl. And my husband was like AGAIN ? My in-laws were furious on me. I don't know why ? I even offered them that i will get aborted if they don't like baby girl again. They don't let me choose to abort and they are not happy with the baby girl again.

I talked to my husband and he says he is not happy with the baby girl again and at the same time he poses infront of the people as though he is alright with it. All my friends say that your husband is so happy for the to-be-born baby girl. But, unfortunately i am not in a position to let my fear and frustration out to them. My husband and in-laws say that i am unlucky for them and not able to given them the "family heir". Am i the one supposed to be blamed for ? What can i do for a baby girl ?

I was supposed to go to India for few months before my pregnancy and now my husband says, "what's the need to go there". You only want to spend on your travel and on the baby girl. You can at least stay here and save those expenses. If you want, call your parents here and do a job.

Instead of feeling good about my pregnancy and 2 year old, i feel bad that i am a women now. I thought my husband is well educated and he would understand. But now i know that the education has nothing to with one's behavior and values. I feel terrible day-by-day and i want to let my frustration out some way or the other...

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  1. Madhuri Chopurala-KajaApril 18, 2010 at 5:37 AM

    I was very sad to see for the fact that "she offered to get aborted" .... that is not going to help ..... Getting frustrated will not help ....

    First she needs to educate herself .....
    Save girl child campaign

    i guess Socio-cultural factors and practices, such as the status of women, patriarchal structure of the society, preference for a son, fear of dowry (later for the baby girl when she grows up) and the belief that it is the "son" who can look after the old parents and so on are the main reasons for this type of behavior.

    If i were her, i would educate the husband / in-laws about "How choosing Baby's Sex" is not possible even if they took help from docters and next thing is bring awareness among community at large about the behavior.

    She needs to stand up for the baby girl and do the right things.